Save the date – Liberty Hill Cemetery Homecoming is June 7, 2015

The Officers and Directors of the Liberty Hill Cemetery Association wish to invite you to the 63rd Annual Homecoming on June 7, 2015, which will be held at the park area of the cemetery.

Our annual homecoming provides an opportunity for families to get together and enjoy a meal and lots of good company. It is the chance for the community to get together, visit and reminisce. This is one day out of our busy schedules to take the time to see friends and family members at a friendly gatheringas well as coming together as a community in remembrance of those that have passed.One thing you can always be assured of at homecoming – there will be a crowd, there will always be a friend in that crowd, you might make a new friend that day, and you might learn a little history about Liberty Hill.

The meal will begin at approximately 11am and will be catered by Mopsy’s Catering. It will consist of bar-b-cue brisket, sausage, beans, coleslaw, condiments and tea. The cost is $11.00 per plate. We have also included a letter from Mopsie’s Catering along with this correspondence.  Please bring tables and chairs as ours are limited.

An important part of the homecoming is the reading of those having passed over the last year. Our reading this year will encompass the past two years. For many this is a part of the closure associated with the passing of a loved one. This year we will have musical talent provided by Cade Baccus. Cade Baccus is a resident of the Liberty Hill area who has been singing, playing, and writing Country & Western style music for the past decade. On most Friday and Saturday Nights, Cade can be found performing, bluegrass, rockabilly and honky-tonk music with his band, The Sawdust Stompers, at venues all over the state of Texas. During the week he plays gospel and children’s music at churches, schools, and daycares in and around his hometown. With two current albums for sale, one in the works, and a large and varied songbook from which to choose, Cade is bound to play something you will enjoy. Gary Spivey will have pictures on display from years past of “old” Liberty Hill. Homecoming allows its participants the opportunity to learn about the history of the place we call home, and it’s a chance for others to reminisce a little. We will be presenting a plaque to Milton Pogue who has retired from the board after 29 years and to the family of board member Charles Canady who passed away from cancer in October 2014.

We will have books available for purchase which have history of the Liberty Hill Cemetery as well as history about Liberty Hill. The books “Culture of the Shin Oak Ridge Folk” by J. Gordon Bryson, Recollections and Observations of Judge C. L. Chance as told to his son Joseph E. Chance and the Liberty Hill Cemetery Book of Burials will be available for purchase. The proceeds will benefit the Association.

Homecoming is our only fundraiser for the association and donations are always welcome. If you can’t make it to this year’s homecoming you may send a check payable to the Liberty Hill Cemetery Association at P O Box 73, Liberty Hill, TX 78642. Your donations are greatly appreciated and are what keep the cemetery in the condition you have come to expect. We look forward to seeing you there!

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