Meeting update

FYI - October 19, 2019 will be the next scheduled meeting of the Liberty Hill Cemetery Association.  This will be our Annual meeting.  Please watch for updates. Read More

Liberty Hill Cemetery Association Quarterly Business Meeting

The Liberty Hill Cemetery Association will hold a quarterly business meeting at 10 am on April 6, 2019.  The meeting will be held at the Liberty Hill Cemetery Association office located at 107 Brown Bridge Road. Read More

Save the date – 2019 Homecoming “A Celebration of Life, Family and Community” to be held May 5th!

Please make note of a different meeting date this year! We are moving  our annual reunion and Celebration of Life, Family and Community to the First Sunday in May this year rather than June. We are hoping to enjoy more comfortable weather. We are also developing some new events for our meeting. There will be more to follow, so stay tuned to this website (register your email if you have not already done so) and mark your calendars for the earlier reunion this year: May 5th, but the same time and location. Be well, and we will see you in May!! Read More

Liberty Hill Cemetery circa 1875

Liberty Hill Cemetery circa 1875 Historical Narrative by Fay Bryson Richardson THE WILLIAMSON COUNTY SUN, Georgetown, Texas November 12,1970 Liberty Hill Cemetery is located about two miles northwest of the present town of Liberty Hill, Williamson County, south of S H 29.This beautiful site, about sixteen acres in extent, is carefully landscaped, with its beauty enhanced by the many large live oak trees which grow there. It is a source of pride to those whose loved ones rest there, a place of quiet repose to refresh the eye of the casual passer-by. It has not always been this way, so Read More