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Name DivisionName Block Lot DOB View Record
Vann, Repsey G. Old Cemetery 6 f 1/1/1819 View Record
Wheeler, Bell Old Cemetery 16 f 1/1/1895 View Record
Wheeler, Clarence Old Cemetery 16 f 1/1/1916 View Record
Wheeler, George Ottie Old Cemetery 16 f 1/1/1893 View Record
Wheeler, Mary Ann Old Cemetery 16 f 1/1/1917 View Record
White, Sallie Parks Old Cemetery 8 f 1/1/1873 View Record
Whitley, Infant Old Cemetery 5 f 1/1/1902 View Record
Wiley, Infant Old Cemetery 7 f 1/1/1918 View Record
Witcher, A.M. Old Cemetery 12 f 1/1/1842 View Record
Witcher, A.P. Bert Old Cemetery 12 f 1/1/1883 View Record
Witcher, Maggie Old Cemetery 12 f 1/1/1852 View Record
Witcher, Walter Ray Old Cemetery 12 f 1/1/1911 View Record
Womack, Eva Spencer Old Cemetery 10 f 1/1/1911 View Record
Womack, Joseph C. Old Cemetery 10 f 1/1/1910 View Record
Redford,Billie Drew Old Cemetery   Jim R   View Record
Ellis, John Fowler Addition 87 Move 9/13/1913 View Record
Robbins, Cornelious Northeast Addition (lettered) N North 1/1/1921 View Record
Robbins, Ella Jane Northeast Addition (lettered) N North 1/1/1922 View Record
Barrington, Wade (Bud) Old Cemetery P Old N 4/15/1926 View Record
Seay, Thomas Fowler Addition 107 Used 2/3/1923 View Record
Kilgore, Eldon Masonic Block 2 Addition 2 W. 1/ 2/26/1942 View Record
Shanks, Goerge Masonic Block 2 Addition II W. 1/ 6/22/1923 View Record
Kilgore, Margaret Masonic Block 2 Addition II w.1/2 2/7/1941 View Record
Displaying 3241 - 3263 of 3263 1 80 81 82